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On-Site Church Unique Consultations

Navigating Church Vision is the name of my ministry to churches, and a description of how I help a church bring clarity to their vision. We will partner together as I meet with your Vision Team and navigate them through the Church Unique Vision Frame Process.

       - Mike Williams, Navigating Church Vision


Consultation Services Provided by Navigating Church Vision

Eight On-Site Sessions

Eight three-hour navigation sessions, seven with the Vision Team, and one with the pastoral staff. Often meetings are scheduled to coincide with a typical school year.

Nine to Twelve Vision Team Members

The Vision Team has nine to twelve members. Navigating Church Vision will help you determine the best team for your church.

Collaborative Consulting

65-75% of each session will utilize a highly interactive approach designed to uncover your Church Unique. We will facilitate our meetings in a way that builds consensus among the members of your Vision Team.

Coaching In-Between Sessions

Phone consultations to debrief the previous session and prepare for our next meeting. Additional coaching when you feel the need to seek guidance or bounce your ideas off of someone.

Word Crafting Assistance

The wording of your Vision Frame should be contagious: clear, concise, compelling, catalytic, and contextual. Navigating Church Vision and your word-crafting team will help finalize the work of your Vision Team.

Extended 1-Year Coaching

After completion of the Vision Frame process, we will continue partnering for one year as you implement your Vision Proper. There will be checkups every three months, and phone consultations as needed.

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Church Unique Endorsement:

"When I finished THE PURPOSE DRIVEN CHURCH, I wanted to lead a church like Saddleback. When I finished CHURCH UNIQUE, I wanted to discover God's one-of-a-kind fingerprint for my congregation."