Implement Church Unique Through the Vision Frame Process

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 These icons represent the eight sessions enabling the church Vision Team to uncover your Church Unique. The center "Vision Frame" has one session for each side: mission, values, strategy, and measures.


Session 1: Rethink

What obstacles are we facing? You will learn the keys to a contagious vision and identify misguided thinking that holds your church back from God’s best.

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Session 2: Uncover (Your Church Unique)

What can we do best? You will discover and celebrate your Church Unique. This will be the foundation of God’s preferred future for your church.

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Session 3: Mission (Missional Mandate)

What are we doing? This will lead to the articulation of your missional mandate (mission), which becomes the compass guiding all church decisions.

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Session 4: Values (Missional Motives)

Why are we doing it? Discover your missional motives (values). These are non-negotiable; they are the spiritual fires at the heart of your church.

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Session 5: Strategy (Missional Map)

How are we doing it? You will develop a missional map (strategy) that clearly defines the discipleship pathway for your church.

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Session 6: Measures (Missional Marks)

When are we successful? You will define the missional marks (measures) that you look for in the lives of your people to indicate growth in their life as a disciple.


Session 7: Vision Proper

Where is God taking us? Utilizing your completed Vision Frame (mission, values, strategy, and measures), you will determine God’s vision for your church.


Session 8: Vision Integration

How do we live out the vision? You will identify the 15 key elements of your church’s DNA and learn ways to be a cultural architect.

Church Unique Book

Church Unique, written by church consultant Will Mancini, helps churches develop a unique model of ministry. This process guides churches away from an internal focus to emphasize participation in their community and surrounding culture. 

Church leaders are offered an approach for rethinking what it means to lead with clarity as visionaries. While a congregation will discover how to unlock its DNA and unleash their unique potential. 

Discover the pitfalls churches often fall into as they attempt to grow and learn how to replace these traps with a new model for vision casting and church growth. 

Leaders in all sizes of churches are utilizing this process, including:

  • Mainline
  • Evangelical
  • Non-Denominational
  • Church Plants
  • Multi-Site Congregations

The practices and ideas outlined in Church Unique will help leaders develop missional teams, articulate unique strategies, unpack the baggage of institutionalism, and live fully into their vision.

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Church Unique Endorsement:

"The genius of CHURCH UNIQUE is found in the tools that help leaders move beyond understanding to integration."