Starting a New Consulting Ministry

Several years ago, I began to hear talk about Church Unique. The one comment that sums up most of what I heard was, “I wish I had this 20 years ago…”

In summary, Church Unique is a vision navigating process designed to create and sustain a disciple-making culture in your church.

Navigating Church Vision was launched as a consulting ministry to assist churches who want to mobilize their congregation to join God in his mission for their community.

I would welcome the opportunity to partner with your church.

     - Mike Williams, Vision Navigator

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I wanted to share my appreciation for the work of Mike Williams as he has guided Church of the Lakes through our Church Unique visioning sessions. His professionalism, pastors’ heart and sensitivity regarding our context were greatly appreciated. The outline and material of Church Unique can help nearly any congregation regardless of size and strength. From the early discussions of pumpkin jars to our Kingdom concept, and then each of the sides of our vision frame, our team was able to get excited about the contributions that our congregation can make to this community. As we share this with our larger congregation and community, I feel that Mike has helped position us to become aware of possibilities and challenges as we incorporate our unique mission.  

  • Bryan George, Lead Pastor - Church of the Lakes, Canton, OH

"Church Unique is the most context-specific vision development pathway that I have ever seen. Twelve diverse people representing our entire congregation made meaningful contributions to the vision that our whole Church is repeating and embracing. Mike Williams' thorough planning, vast experience, clear presentation and careful follow-up kept us moving toward a clear and creative vision frame. The results are both true to the history of Broadway Church and crucial in dreaming God's future."

  • Dan Meek, Lead Pastor - Broadway Church, Parkersburg, WV

"Mike helped our team navigate through the entire Church Unique process and helped us to affirm who God has called us to be as a church. Through this process, Mike opened our eyes to the possibilities around us. We left this process with key concepts to hone in on and specific steps which we are now implementing. This will help our church to continue to be formed into the church that God would have us be."

  • Bill Walker, Lead Pastor - Quest Church, West Liberty, OH 

"Mike Williams has modeled creative and effective leadership at local, district, and general levels in areas of vision development, church health, and outreach. Mike has excelled in providing practical “handles” for implementation. As a pastor and district superintendent, I have experienced and witnessed the positive results of his teaching, coaching, and mentoring." 

  • Steve Ward, District Superintendent - Church of the Nazarene, Mount Vernon, OH

"After pastoring for almost 30 years, I wish I had this material and process 20 years ago.  It helped us discover and clarify who God has called our church to be in our community.   It answered the questions of 'What, Why, How, When and Where.' Mike Williams guided our church with insight, forethought, and challenge.  Well worth the investment."

  • Scott Sharpes, Lead Pastor - Lakeholm Church, Mount Vernon, OH

"Our team benefitted greatly from the Church Unique process.  Mike walked us through every step in his fun, engaging and insightful way, getting the best out of us.  We now have a clear, unified mission and direction, and our congregation is owning it!  The church has received new life and vitality, and we enjoyed the process every step of the way."

  • Pete Ryder, Lead Pastor - Church of the Nazarene, Medina, OH

"Within the Nazarene denomination, Mike Williams is mentoring a group of young pastors in Ohio who are pioneering innovative approaches."

  • Eddie Gibbs, Author - Quote from, Church Morph: How Megatrends are Reshaping Christian Communities
Mike Williams

Meet Mike Williams

Mike has experience as the lead pastor in churches ranging in size from a church plant to over 500 in average weekly worship attendance. His ministry was characterized by steady growth. He spent 14 years at Mount Vernon Nazarene University where he led the Church Leadership Network which provided missional resourcing for their 525+ constituent churches.

Since 2015 his ministry has focused on Church Unique. He worked closely with Will Mancini to introduce Church Unique to over 200 pastors. He has conducted Church Unique consultations with multiple churches and denominations including growing church plants, rural multi-sites, and established “First Churches.” In addition, he has trained pastors to facilitate the Church Unique Vision Process in their local church.